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We want you to sound your best! Follow the tips below to ensure we capture a great recording of your beautiful voice.

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Our interview will be you, myself, and my husband, Derek, who also manages our podcast production. He wrote the guide below which includes some affiliate links 🙂

Use a Good Mic

If you don’t have one, mine is the ATR 2100. It’s about $65 on Amazon, sounds great, and is super simple to use (just plug in via USB).

Other popular microphones are the Blue Yeti and Blue Snowball. (See the bottom of the page to get the best sound out of your Yeti.)

Use Headphones

Otherwise we get a terrible echo from your mic picking up our voices in the recording.

Update Google Chrome

Copy and paste chrome://settings/help into Chrome to see if a Chrome update is available. Please use Chrome instead of another browser for the call. Our recording software (Zencastr) requires the most up-to-date Chrome. If Chrome’s not the newest version, we might loose the audio to popping noise.

Set Your Microphone Level

Go to your computer’s sound settings and set your input level to about 65% of full volume.

On a Mac, it’s under System Preferences, Sound, Input. Select your mic and slide the Input Volume to about 65%.

On Windows, press the Windows key, type “Manage Audio Devices” and hit Enter. Click the Recording tab, then select your mic and press Properties at the bottom-right. Click the Levels tab and slide to around 65%.

For Blue Yeti Mic Owners

If you have a Blue Yeti mic, speak into the side with the mute button. Don’t point the tip of the mic toward you.

On the back, set the gain to about 12:00 and the pattern knob to cardioid (the third setting that looks like an upside down heart). The knobs should look like what’s shown below.

Plug your headphones into the bottom of the mic. On the front, adjust the volume knob to whatever’s comfortable in your ears. This knob doesn’t affect the recording, only what’s going to your ears.

While recording, the mute button should be solid red. If it’s blinking, you’re muted and the mic won’t pick up your voice. If the light is off, you’re not connected to the computer. Check your cable by unplugging and plugging back in, both at the computer and at the Yeti.

Select the Yeti for both the input AND output of your computer’s sound. Then set your input level to about 65%.

To summarize:

  • Talk into the side of the mic with the mute button.
  • On back of Yeti, set Gain knob to 11:00.
  • Set Pattern knob to Cardioid (3rd setting)
  • Plug headphones into bottom of mic.
  • Adjust Volume knob to a comfortable level.
  • Ensure mute light is solid red. Not blinking, and not off.
  • Select the Yeti as your computer’s input AND output in Sound Preferences.
  • Set input level to 50% in your computers Sound settings.